I want to see you

Smile again as I spoke hearts and nothings.
Caress me with your cherubic hands.

Every malady will pass
After I've laid on your lap.

I want to see you
Giggle and sway without pain.
Bless me with your authentic being.

Every mis-event was celebrated
When you have listened.

I want to see you
Drop me words of ceaseless love and adorations.
A hug broke my heart with happiness.

Everything I have seems given to me by you
For I'm the mould that you made.

I want to see you
Tell me all the different things people say.
Playfully lean and kiss you while you spoke.

All the words you have said
Churn eternally in me, if only I could hear them again.

I want to see you, amma.

By Surya Nair

The Lax of Stasis


Days of undulating amorous advances,

Years of an impish peppy fervour,

Lengths of night of vigil resistance,

Lear in the tones of unsaid lust.


Cracks in the shine of a familiar reflection,

Grubs of satiating a hungry ego,

Spurts of loathing a selfless stature,

Bounce of a petty shapeless failure.


Cries of an angry bitter doodle,

Rise of a phantom's dark hackle,

Drowns of a hefty hulk in peril,

Craning necks of eager elves.


Tied up in the swirl of a familiar whirl,

Fine with all the belches of evil,

Thine has the part, part of the whole,

Twirls the hair in nonchalant wonder.


Ends the age of partial slumber,

Mend the wall as the fort of mettle,

Shows the tenor of pap and pliancy,

Go on, must the show.

By Surya Nair