“That ray of light, when everything else gets dark”, this exactly has been music to me. As a child, my Father’s vision to achieve what he couldn’t was what set me on this incredible journey, which I continue to cherish. My Father went out of his way to provide me the best music classes he could afford, and never compromised on buying any other asset I required to pursue my studies in the field. I attended various music schools starting from the age of 8, and now at 22, I still continue to explore this vast ocean. The second person who impacted me significantly in my journey was my last music teacher, Mr Rooble Emmanuel. All that while from the age of 8, various teachers taught me music theory, songs, and rules. But this teacher taught me how to think like a musician. He helped me transition from a kid with music as one of his extra-curricular activities to a musician, and even a pianist. This was a major milestone, as this was when I started observing rather than just copying music theory books. Music transitioned from listening to random songs, to embracing the story and the theme behind songs.

At the age of 12, I made my first stage performance as a pianist at an event hosted by my then music school. Well, it went great! Stage fear started fading away, and I began performing at many other stages as well. I would try to play at any event around town I could get. My father used to be my biggest support and confidence, and was beside me carrying my piano. He would stand among the crowd and tell me before I got on stage, “If you feel nervous, just look at me and play, don’t look at the crowd”. Well, that mantra sure did work. I would look at him, and he would give me such a confident smile. And yes, I would rock the stage to the best a 12-year-old could do.

Years passed, and I continued the journey. At the age of 20, I got an opportunity to compose a song for a Kannada film called “Nammoor Kunigal”. I’m still grateful to the director of the film Mr. Gagan Revanna for believing in me. I started off composing a single song, and later with a lot of support from the Sunday Talkies Production House, I managed to compose all four songs and eventually the background score for the movie. I was privileged to watch that movie alongside my parents at the theatre for the film release. This was another huge milestone and a year later, started working on my second Kannada film, “Dhoka Dhosthy”. I still continue scoring for films.

I’m presently working towards my next big milestone of becoming an independent musician. I’m looking to explore orchestral music and trying to create songs that speak stories and connect the soul. And as always, with the support of all my loved ones, I continue on this journey….


By Jinu Augustine

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